The story of Logicnesia

Logicnesia's dream

To support economic growth and accessibility in Indonesia, our founders believe that distribution should work in the most productive and efficient way. 

Therefore, we start our mission in digitalizing logistics and optimizing it by better planning and management.

before logicnesia

Coming from FMCG logistic and supply chain experts in Indonesia, founders of Logicnesia understand the challenges in planning considering most efficient delivery schedules, vehicle availability and capacity, and sites’ time-window. 

The current logistics problems that we faces in Indonesia:

1. Route and traffic are very unpredictable

2. Paper-based documentation and manual procedures

3. Difficult to calculate manually for deliveries considering margin, time and volume.


Graduating from previous companies after 15 years, our founders commit to the mission and share the visions to other logistics and FMCG companies. 

Our business model is based on cost-saving and innovation. 

We want to make your investment with us is lower compared to the saving that you gain.

Therefore, we provide not only the platform & technology but also insights & support to make sure you always run at lowest-cost.

Logicnesia team

Our team is a combination of overseas and local professionals that handled logistics first-hand in the US and Indonesia. Automated and integrated process are the missing piece in Indonesia logistics. 

We are the right team to execute because we know the benefits and how to execute optimization technology locally.

In our journey to adapt in Indonesia, we are one the startups that entrusted by IBM through Global Entrepreneurship Program.


Our Founders' Alumni

Business Partner


Address 1: WerkSpace Soho Capital
Podomoro City

JL let. S Parman kav 28 Soho Capital, 19th Floor Tanjung Duren Selatan Grogol Petamburan 

DKI Jakarta 11470, Indonesia

Address 2: KO Golf Lake

Rukan Venice B70

Outer Ring Road,, Jl. Kamal Raya, RT.9/RW.14, Cengkareng Tim., Cengkareng, Kota Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta 11730

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